Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nalla : Anwar lying on crossovers

Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) president KS Nallakaruppan today claimed that PKR
de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim was not telling the truth by claiming that scores of Barisan Nasional parliamentarians will crossover to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition soon.
"He is lying. I don't believe him, and I don't trust him," he said of Anwar when met by reporters in the lobby of Parliament this afternoon.

Nallakaruppan, who has previously said he had known Anwar personally for 30 years, had a falling out with the former deputy premier and current leader of Pakatan after claiming that he was ‘stabbed in the back' by Anwar.

According to Nallakaruppan, the falling-out was over the 2007 by-election in Ijok, Selangor as well as the contest for one of PKR's three vice-presidents' posts.
"This character and myself, we cannot get along. I tolerated him for 30 years. Now I want to stay away," he added.

After Pakatan's overwhelming victory in the general election, Anwar has claimed that he has about 30 BN parliamentarians ready to defect to his side, thus allowing him to form the government. He has given a September deadline for a change in the government.

Speaking to reporters after a brief meeting with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Parliament today, Nallakaruppan said that he was there to give his support to the embattled Abdullah.

He said that the meeting with Abdullah was arranged with the help of his friend, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin, and was to allow him to express his support for Abdullah and Barisan Nasional.

‘I love my PM'

Asked why he was doing so while certain parties were claiming Abdullah lacked leadership qualities and that Abdullah was on his way out, Nallakaruppan said he does not think Abdullah was a weak leader.

"He is a good leader. That's why I came to (express my) 
support," he said.

Asked further, Nallakaruppan said: "I have to trust my prime minister. I have to love my prime minister."

He also said he had applied after the March 8 general election in writing to Abdullah for MIUP to be accepted into BN, and will accept any decision - positive or otherwise - from the BN chairperson.

"I hope for the best. He's got the right to accept or reject (the application)," said Nallakaruppan.

On his own party, Nallakaruppan said it was getting more support, and hoped that BN's acceptance of MIUP would lead more people to become members.

He also said there is nothing wrong with BN having an additional Indian-based party "as long as every party can support the people."

Previously similar applications by other Indian-based parties have been rejected by the MIC on the grounds that that party alone was sufficient to cater for the needs of the Indian community.

When pointed out that his application may face similar objections, Nallakaruppan said MIC president S Samy Vellu was "a good friend".

"He taught me a lot of things when I was young."