Monday, November 26, 2007

New Indian-based party to back BN

Newly formed Indian-based party, the Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP), today vowed to support the Barisan Nasional-led government, believing that by doing so, opportunity to elevate the social status of the Indian community would be better.

Party president KS Nallakarupan told his supporters at the party’s launching ceremony held at the Istana Hotel in Kuala Lumpur today that the fledgling MIUP does not want to go against BN policies. 

“We believe that the party’s aim can still be achieved by working closely with the BN government,“

We as a party can inject a fresh approach to solving the problems of the Indian community,” he told 800 of his supporters.

The former PKR leader also said that the presence of MIUP, will be a “breath of fresh air which is 

much needed to make quick changes for the betterment of the Indian community.”

Nallakaruppan was also quick to stress that there was no intention of discrediting the much-established Indian-based party MIC.

“We are also not saying that the present Indian-based party in the Barisan Nasional is not doing its job to help the community.

“I am sure that that party is doing whatever it can to help the community. But I think we can do better,” he added.

A secondary school

Nallakaruppan said that MIC should continue with their agenda and that the MIUP will also concentrate on its mission though the latter might have different approaches to issues.
“What’s wrong with being another race-based party? You have MCA and Gerakan (both Chinese-based party) and MIC and the Peoples Progressive Front (both Indian-based party) all in BN, why can't MIUP be in BN too?” he argued. 

Elaborating on “fresh approaches”, Nallakaruppan said his party have outlined several social programmes as means to tackle the problems of the Indian community.

“We have introduced several programmes like sports, education and many youth-oriented programmes in order to inculcate productivity in the Indian community so they may integrate well with other races in this country,” he said.

He also said that his party would be first launching plans to establish an independent Tamil secondary soon. 

When asked if MIUP will contest in the coming general election speculated to be somewhere early next year, Nallakaruppan said his party will not contest.
“I want to concentrate on promoting my party only. Even if BN wants to give me seats to contest, I will not take it. I just want my party to be known first,” he said at a press conference held after the party’s launching ceremony.

‘Go through proper channel’

Nallakaruppan also refused to answer questions on the Hindraf rally  which took place earlier today, saying that he wants to only focus on the party’s launch. 

“This is a historical day in the history of the politics of Malaysia and an important day for me and my party. I don’t want to talk about the Hindraf rally.”

He however said that he personally felt that the Indian community should abide by the law and work within the proper channel if they wished to express any grievances.